Gangplank audio signal flow

How to Set Up the Wireless Microphone at Gangplank Chandler

At the last Arizona WordPress Meetup (#wpaz) at Gangplank in Chandler, frequent contributor Joe Manna suggested I put together a guide to help meeting organizers set up the audio when presenters want to use a wireless microphone. Having seen folks struggle with this before, I agreed it was a good idea – and so here it is!

Gangplank audio signal flow

Setting Up

1. Find the wireless microphone and its corresponding transmitter. Connect them if they’re not and turn the transmitter on. If it doesn’t turn on, check the battery. [Hint: if you’re organizing the presentation, bring along an extra 9-volt battery.]

wireless microphone and transmitter

2. Check if the microphone receiver is on.  If not, make sure it’s plugged in.

wireless microphone receiver

3. Check if the audio mixer is on. If not, turn it on. The power switch is on the back next to the power cord.  Then turn up the Channel 1 volume knob.

channel 1 volume knob

4. Next turn up the master volume knob.

main volume knob

You should now be able to hear someone using the microphone.

The speakers are powered by the audio mixer and should be connected to the back of the mixer.

Adjust the audio level by moving the Channel 1 volume knob up or down. You can also adjust the audio level using the master volume knob but this will also change the level of any other audio being sent to the speakers.


If you still can’t hearing anything, go through this troubleshooting process:

1. Check if everything is on (microphone transmitter, microphone receiver and audio mixer). If something isn’t and won’t turn on, check if it’s plugged in (or, in the case of the microphone transmitter, has a battery). If not, plug it in (or put in or replace the battery).

2. Verify that everything is connected (wireless microphone to its transmitter, microphone receiver to the audio mixer and audio mixer to the speakers).

3. Double check that the correct channel volume knob and master volume knob are turned up.

Good luck!