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Email Marketing

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is directly marketing to your current and potential customers using email. Broadly speaking, every email you send to a current or potential customer could be considered email marketing but what I’m talking about here is building, managing and marketing to an email list.

A email list consists of email addresses from people who have voluntarily signed up to receive email updates from you, typically in newsletter format.

Why do it?

Research shows email marketing generates higher click-through rates than social media marketing. Also, you’re building your own list on your own Internet real estate. This frees you from relying on other social media platforms, which often change their rules to limit your reach or increase your cost. Finally, social media posts only stay on a recipient’s time line for a short time. Your email will stay in the recipient’s inbox until he or she take action.

I can help you:

1.  Place opt-in forms in key locations on your website and integrate them with an email marketing service like Aweber, MailChimp or Constant Contact;

2.  Pick the right form builder plug-in and email marketing service, and install and integrate them on your WordPress website; and

3.  Help you write content for, set up and run your email marketing campaigns.