blogging and content marketing requires persistence

Blogging and Content Marketing Require Persistence

Building a website is just the first step in any good internet marketing plan. One way to supplement and grow your traffic is through blogging and content marketing (creating valuable content for your current and potential customers). I was listening to a recent WP Elevation WordPress Business Podcast and this quote from Arne Kuenn, CEO of Vertical Measures, stood out:

“Most blogs, most content marketing efforts, end at… the two and a half month mark. People give up and Google knows that… and Google will not reward you for producing this content unless you keep going because it knows most people stop.

What we have found statistically is that you’ve got to get to around the sixth or seventh month of producing content on a consistent basis. And once you do, Google tends to reward you and put all of that content in the index and you’re just going to see a huge leap in traffic…

(Episode #80, Part 1 – Content Marketing World Sydney, starting at 26:31)

My experience has mirrored this. Many small business owners attempt to write their own content, often because of budget constraints, and it becomes a real struggle for them.

If you’re facing this challenge, it’s important to power through it or get help, whether from an employee or an outside professional.

Why stick with it? In addition to what Arne mentions, a well-written blog post has staying power. Unlike a newspaper, radio, or television ad, it doesn’t have a use-by date. It will continue to attract traffic to your website for as long as it remains online.

And each new blog post creates an additional pathway for potential customers to find you. With persistence, you’ll create an “all roads lead to Rome” effect for your website and a corresponding increase in traffic.

Of course, your blog posts should provide value to the reader, demonstrate your subject matter expertise, and be optimized to maximize organic search traffic.

The bottom line is the combination of persistent effort, quality content, and search engine optimization will generate more traffic to your website over the long term. Then your challenge becomes more fun – converting those potential customers into satisfied, paying ones!

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